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Moving abroad as a Black person has some unique challenges. Here are 10 Safe & Enjoyable Places for Black expats and digital nomads. I created this list with racial harmony, diversity, safety, and economic opportunity in mind. I want to prefix this by saying that I believe that racism is everywhere, but don’t let that keep you from countries you wish to see. I urge you to visit and form your own opinions. With that being said, when posted on TikTok, my list received a lot of interesting dialogue.

List is in not in any particular order


Portugal is a hotspot for digital nomads right now. There’s a large expat scene with lots of coworking spaces and cafes. Unlike other European countries like France or London, crime is very low and the cost of living is affordable.

Racism absolutely exists in Portugal(I was called Macy Gray in a derogatory tone by a guy who looked like a wet hamster). Reading up on Portugal’s colonial past will help you understand the racial hierarchy in the country. But overall I seldomly felt singled out in a negative manner.

Safety: 10

Racial Harmony: 6

*To receive the digital nomad visa, you need to show proof of a remote job/business*


Safety: 10

Racial Harmony: 7

The United Arab Emirates is extremely safe, has lots of things to do, and amazing shopping. It is a Majority Muslim country with lots of conservative laws and a rich culture, so make sure to check out my blog on things to know before you visit the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE is a great place for digital nomads who aren’t seeking a turnup. You can definitely find lots of parties in Dubai but if public intoxication and being outspoken about the government is your style, pick another country.

There’s a lot of diversity. In fact, there are more expats than local Emiratis.

*Teaching is a common way US citizens find employment here.*

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful country located in the Eastern Caribbean. The cost of living can be a bit high, but the over 365 beaches make it worth it. Delicious local cuisine, exciting nightlife, and lots of water activities make it a digital nomad’s dream.

Safety: 6.5

Racial Harmony: 9


Belize is perfect for those who love nature and scuba diving. There’s a large expat community and the cost of living is pretty affordable.

Safety: 6

Racial Harmony: 5

Cape Verde

Located close to Senegal, Cape Verde is a hiking lover’s dream. Beautiful hills and lots of small islands. Tourism is not big here and it has kept a lot of its original charm.

Safety: 8

Racial Harmony: 8

Costa Rica

A lovely place for those who value organic food, nature, and beautiful waterfalls. There’s so much to explore here. There’s a sizeable expat community and a large Afro-Latino community in Limón, a city located on the Atlantic coast.

Safety: 7

Racial Harmony: 7 (depends on the area)


I made this list before a few notable Black influencers came forward with lots of racial abuse allegations. Seychelles is very racially diverse but the jury is still out on this one.


One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The cost of living is pretty affordable and it definitely has more of a hometown feel. Lots of great music and food.

Safety: 7

Racial Harmony: 9


Great place to live if you want Caribbean skies and low stress. To live here you should plan on working remotely or starting your own business because gainful employment opportunities are almost impossible to come by for expats.

Safety: 7

Racial Harmony: 10


Located in Africa and is very diverse. A beautiful getaway that is currently giving out digital nomad visas.

Safety: 9

Racial Harmony: 7

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