20 REMOTE JOB Sites To Launch the Digital Nomad Life You’ve Always Wanted NOW

Remote jobs have tripled since the pandemic started. And, if you love to travel, it’s the perfect time to get a remote job.

According to an Owl Labs study, 16% of companies are fully remote and many are restructuring to add remote positions. Why? Because remote work & pay are the top variables that job candidates are looking for.

If you love traveling, finding a remote job that allows you to travel the world while earning a paycheck is a game changer. Plus, for many digital nomad visas, you need to be able to prove that you are earning a paycheck from your home country.

Check out this list of remote jobs to help your job search.

  1. Toggle.com will actually pay you $2,000 to use your unlimited Paid Time Off. Most opportunities are remote.
  2. Ghost offers their employees the last Friday of every month off, team retreats, and fewer meetings.
  3. Zapier has a few jobs in multiple fields. They also offer unlimited vacation days.
  4. We Work Remotely is great for engineering, sales, and other tech opportunities.
  5. Swiftly offers unlimited vacation so get ready for the perfect balance of work and play.
  6. Crossover.com is an intermediary, similar to Upwork and Toptal. They pay by the hour. There is a screening process.
  7. SkiptheDrive.com is similar to Indeed for remote jobs.
  8. Flex Jobs is a paid site but they do verify job listings posted on their website, which can save you a lot of time and headaches.
  9. TextBroker.com is perfect for copywriters, content writers, and other writers.
  10. Riseworks.io  offers remote positions that range between entry-level and more advanced positions.
  11. LetsWorkRemotely.com has a robust range of job opportunities such as call center jobs, writing opportunities, social media managers, tech roles, etc.
  12. Angel.co is a favorite for many remote workers. They allow you to view the salary and stock options before you apply. Yayyy for pay transparency!
  13. Himalayas.app is full of startups. They also offer pay transparency.
  14. Remote Ok has engineer jobs, design opportunites, and lots of other options. #ProTip Always check to see how long a post has been up. Posts that have been up for more than a month or are usually already filled.
  15. Remote4me.com has an incredible amount of tech and nontech jobs.
  16. ProBlogger.com is another great option for freelance and contract writers and editors.
  17. JustRemote is a solid remote job board.
  18. Remote Co has a new job posting almost every hour so check them often.
  19. Lemon.io pays developers by the hour and brags about having tons of opportunities.
  20. Toggle.com will actually pay you 2,000 to use your unlimited Paid Time Off. Most opportunities are remote.

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