Electrafrique Dakar

House music, Angolan Music, Funk, Soukous …this party was lit af!! First the venue,Ngor Yaatouna was a dreamy spacious beachfront. Then there were so many interesting

GoGo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop Review

Atmosphere: 9  Service: 9 Food :9   Mouthwatering Cupcakes  ✔ Unique Alice in Wonderland teaspoons ✔ Giant Teacups ✔ Pink pillows and decor ✔ Welcome to my second

Senegalese Ceebu Jen ( Jollof)

All this fight about Nigerian Jollof vs Ghanaian Jollof and everyone is leaving out the Great-Grandfather of Jollof Rice, Ceebu Jen (literally means rice and