Mr. Eazi , My new favorite musician & why he should be yours too

1. He music is bombbbbb. My personal favorites are Hollop, Bankulize, Legover, & the panty dropper Skingtight . His music is relatable…love, dancing, and even the horrific…getting left on Read (yikes).

2. His love interests are different shades of chocolate.  As a chocolate girl, it took some extra work to perceive myself as beautiful after being indoctrinated in media pushing a social hierarchy based on skin color that constantly regarded dark skin girls as unattractive, ghetto, and low quality. 


3.  He’s modest.  Even when asked questions formulated to see if he would slam other musicians, he answers very respectively . He doesn’t brag about designer jeans all the time or which Range he drives. He’s just him…Guys take notes 

4. He is constantly showing how beautiful Africa  is.  In Skingtight we were able to see the gorgeous sights of Mole National Park in Ghana. He took advantage of the exotic animals and breathtaking views. And he did it in a veryyyyy classy way.

5. Born in Nigeria, but based in Ghana he reminds us that we are all Africans. No hate, all love!!


Your #1 Fan!


PS..6. He fine!!!!!Image result for Mr eazi

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