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Purpose: Scuba Diver in Very Clear Blue Water with healthy coral around.
Photo by Pia

Only 8.8% Scuba Divers are Black but that is slowly changing. Recently, Tara Roberts, a scuba diver who explores slave wrecks with organization, Diving With a Purpose, played a huge role in highlighting the unique water activity to a more diverse audience. But there has been Black scuba divers throughout history. Carl Brashear was the first Black Master and the fist amputee Navy Diver in US History. Dr. Albert José Jones is a marine biologist and created the country’s oldest Black diving club, Underwater Adventure Seekers in Washington, D.C., in 1959, and co-founded the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, in 1991. He is considered the “Dean” of African American diving. Lastly, Shirley Marshall-Lee was the first certified Female African American scuba diver, beginning her water career as a lifeguard in a Black-Only Pool in 1952.

“Only 8.8% Scuba Divers are Black but that is slowly changing.”

Becoming a scuba diver opens up a brand new world. There’s so much to see and once you get started, BAM you’re a scuba addict.

There are not a lot of Black-Owned (at least one Black owner) Dive Shops in the United States and Caribbean. I look forward to this list growing. Please comment other Black-Owned dive shops if you see one missing.

Dive ShopLocationWebsite
Magnum ScubaChicago, Illinios, USA
Rich Coast DivingPlaya del Coco, Costa Rica
In Too DeepCincinnati, Ohio, USA
Scuba Center & Outdoor RecSolomons,
Barbados BlueSt. Michael, Barbados
Antigua Scuba SchoolSt. Johns, Antigua and

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