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As an avid solo traveler, I still love a good girls trip. Bonding with friends while exploring a new city is irreplaceable. Plus you have a built in photographer! Don’t be like those girls who go to Miami and come back to a silent group chat. Here are 6 authentic tips for planning a great girls trip.

What’s the Budget for your Girls Trip?

Is this a luxurious escape, a backpacker’s dream, or somewhere in the middle? Your friend who loves all-inclusive hotels may not do very well at a hostel. Set expectations around your lodging budget and stick to it. Don’t assume that everyone is in the same financial situation. Have conversations about everyone’s budget and plan around that. If you plan on splitting dinner, Ubers, and more use apps such as Splitwise.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Stay on Girl Code

Sharing a space comes with unique challenges. How often will everyone clean? Is it okay to bring back new friends to your AirBnb? Come as group, leave as a group? How do you plan on splitting groceries? All of these questions should be answered before the ladies send their first deposit.

Group Bonding + Alone Time = Great Girls Trip

My number one tip for a successful girls trip is planning opportunities for group bonding AND alone time. Alone time is super important for introverts. Plan on spending at least one evening alone, reading a book or doing a solo activity. This may be the last time you visit this city, it’s okay to split up to visit attractions that others aren’t interested in. Plan group activities such shopping, hiking, or cooking classes. They make for great memories and will help your extrovert friend feel more at ease. Lisbon is a great city to visit with friends. Here are some ideas for a girls trip to Portugal.

Flexibility is Key

Things will go wrong but don’t let a bad day lead to a bad trip. Flexibility is key throughout life, but even more so during travel. Don’t waste time complaining all day. It can put a damper on your experience and everyone else’s. Your hotel doesn’t look like its pictures? Get a new one and keep it pushing. Rough waters cancels your dive trip? Do a beach cleanup instead. Vendors are a lot more aggressive than expected, go the mall and forget about haggling for a bit. Being solution oriented and flexible can save a trip.

Everyone’s Input is Valued in Girls Trips

Facilitate open conversations about budgets, goals, and main attractions to visit. Everyone should share their needs and wants. Don’t expect one friend to do all the planning (unless everyone prefers that) and if you didn’t provide a lot of input during the planning, please don’t complain about everything during the trip.

Don’t Take Things Personally

People have bad days. Hormones and a new schedule can throw some people off. Assume that your friends have good intentions and don’t take things personal. If serious problems arise, then communicate after you’ve already calmed down. Arguing when you’re angry is a bad decision.

How do you feel about girls trips? What helps you have successful girls trips? Leave a comment below 🙂

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