10 of the Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

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I know, you’re tired of hearing about safety when traveling. IG posts keep saying that if you can survive in The United States, then you can survive anywhere. But after quite a few WTF moments, I’m here to tell you that safety absolutely matters. You can read more about my female solo safety tips here. Crime happens everywhere, but when you’re just joining the #solotravel wave, it’s important to prioritize places that you can authentically feel safe in.

I used the Global Peace Index report to come up with this list. It takes crime, economic opportunities, ongoing conflict, militarization, violence, and more into consideration. I also took catcall consideration

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10 Safe Destinations for Solo Female Travelers (and their Global Peace Index )

10. Ghana 1.759

9. Mauritius 1.570

8. Malaysia 1.471

7. Switzerland 1.357

6. Japan 1.336

5. Portugal 1.301

4. Austria 1.300

3. Ireland 1.288

2. New Zealand 1.269

1. Iceland 1.107

Bonus: United Arab Emirates


I felt extremely safe in the UAE. There’s an option to take women-only trains & taxis. Dubai does have some slight pick-pocketing and club related crimes. UAE has very low crime, partly because they have strict rules. Read here for tips on things you shouldn’t do or bring to the United Arab Emirates.

for tips on things you shouldn’t do or bring to the United Arab Emirates.

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